The Elephant who thinks it is a Giraffe

THESE are the wonderful images which show an elephant stretching out for food at the top of a tree – just like a giraffe. The crafty Elephant stretches for it’s dinner.   The pictures show the playful elephant standing upright on its hind legs with its trunk at full stretch reaching out for the pods […]


CSI Bushveld – how did the python die?

On a recent trip to Madikwe Game Reserve we were tracking lion spoor in the early morning light. The game ranger left the vehicle and followed the spoor that had veered off into the veld. He returned quickly with an excited glint in his eyes, that had us all thinking: ‘Yes, lions!’ He informed us that he […]


Kgalagadi’s Camouflaged Leopard

After many years of visiting Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park I have only seen a few leopards. On a recent trip this past February the photographic opportunities were scarce. It was extremely dry with no water in the riverbeds so the herbivores had all migrated into the dunes, followed by the predators. On my last day I still had not […]


Nature Photography in Black and White

Corlette Wessels is a talented South African photographer that spends her holidays in the Kgalagadi patiently photographing the delights of nature. She was a finalist in the World Elephant Day Competition with her black and white photograph. Corlette is the first to say that sometimes the world just looks better in black and white. Thinking of entering your black […]


Photographers to follow in 2015 – Wildography.co.uk

Elephantastic shot of the King of Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa by Grant Atkinson/Atkinson Photography and Safaris Grant hosts several photosafaris to Botswana & other sought after destinations in Africa, so if you want to horn in your photography skills, he is definitely one to check out. To purchase or licence prints & to find out […]


7 tips for improving your wildlife photography

The first in our series of photographic tips and gear reviews to set you on your way to becoming Africa Geographic’s Photographer of the Year! Corlette Wessels of Africa Photography believes that photography isn’t just a hobby, it allows us to capture a fleeting moment in time. That image that takes us back time and time again […]


Best of Africa “Best of” Weekly winner

Well done to Corlette Wessels for winning this week’s “best of’ challenge with her amazing image of a Cape Fox family resting in the sand  “I just returned after visiting Kgalagadi Park for 2 weeks. I have seen many Cape Fox dens with many pups in them. I took this photo in the first few […]


Etosha August 2014

I was looking forward to getting back to Etosha. It is a long drive for us, two days from home and we decided to travel through Botswana and then Windhoek, finally arriving at Namutomi Camp where we camped for the first three nights. We arrived at Namutomi at 2pm and pitched camp. It was a […]


Fishing for finches in the Kgalagadi

A grey heron caught my eye when I noticed it had caught something at one of the dams in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. I was puzzled by this, as there are NO fish in the Kgalagadi, but then again it could have been a frog. As I drew closer I realised it was snacking on […]


Corlette signs Agency Agreement with Barcroft Media UK

LETTER OF AGREEMENT? This agreement is made between BARCROFT MEDIA, located at Unit 9, 14 Southgate Road, London N1 3LY, and CORLETTE WESSELS?located at Farm 10, Jukskeidrift Rd, Vlakfontein, Lanseria, South Africa CORLETTE WESSELSgives BARCROFT MEDIA the exclusive right to license publication of any reportage sent to BARCROFT MEDIA in the territory of Great Britain […]


The Crocodile, the eagle and the catfish

We so often focus on the exciting creatures rivers attract that we forget about the animals in and under the water. It was a lazy afternoon floating on the Chobe River with great herds of elephant and buffalo meandering down to the river to drink. While photographing the elephants, a pair of eyes suddenly appeared […]


Corlette signs Agency Agreement with Caters UK

An agreement made between Caters News Agency Ltd (the Agency) of Queens Gate, 121 Suffolk Street, Birmingham, B1 1LX, England, UK, and Corlette Wessels, that states: The Contributor exclusively appoints the Agency to market, syndicate and sell exclusive photographs of Wild foxes vs snake for publication in worldwide media. The Contributor warrants that they have […]


Not exactly day of the Jackal – Daily Mail UK feature

They may look like rabid foxes, but these jackals seem to have missed out on their cousins’ cunning. Although a whole flock of tasty sand grouse are gathered drinking around a waterhole, the determined duo are incapable of chasing down a single one. No matter how hard they hop and they pounce, the nimble birds […]


The Telegraph – Pictures of the Day – 23 July 2014

A close call for a bird as it narrowly escapes being eaten by a jackal beside a watering hole in the Kgalagadi Park in South Africa photographed by Corlette WesselsPicture: CORLETTE WESSELS/ CATERS NEWS View this post on The Telegraph website >


Best of Africa “Best of” Award July 2014

Well done to Corlette Wessels for winning this week’s “best of” challenge with her stunning monochrome image of two zebras.?”Always special to see interaction between animals in nature.” says Corlette. What a great selection of images this week, cannot wait for the next one!


Kgalagadi June 2014

In the middle of winter to the Kgalagadi in the Kalahari? You must be mad, everyone said. But I just could not resist the temptation to get back to my beloved Kalahari. I knew it was going to be cold, but that was a small price to pay to get back there. Little did I […]


Things get jumpy in the Kgalagadi

On a recent trip to the Kgalagadi I saw so many bat-eared foxes; in one afternoon I saw over four groups, all with more than seven foxes in each family. I had been watching one particular group?for a while when suddenly one fox turned its head, looking at something close by.? Another fox joined and […]


Leopard chases bat-eared fox

While in the Kgalagadi I saw her… it could only be a leopard with a long tail like that. I could not believe my luck. It looked as if she was stalking something. I looked and looked but I could not see a thing. I looked with my camera (600mm lens) and my binoculars by […]


Lions and jackal clash over kill

I arrived at a watering hole in the Kgalagadi early one morning to find four lions eating a hartebeest kill that they made the night before. They were surrounded by jackal. I counted 14 at one point. I was amazed by the bravery of these jackal as they tried to steal meat from the kill […]


Eagle Interactions

It was a very hot day in the Kgalagadi and the waterhole was almost dried up, leaving a small muddy pool of water. A tawny eagle came to the water to drink and soon after the first one landed, a second one arrived. As the second one landed the first one approached it with some […]