Leopard chases bat-eared fox

While in the Kgalagadi I saw her… it could only be a leopard with a long tail like that.

I could not believe my luck. It looked as if she was stalking something. I looked and looked but I could not see a thing.

I looked with my camera (600mm lens) and my binoculars by I still could not see what she was stalking, as she went down very logo until she was behind a dead tree and waited there for a few seconds. She did not move. Then she bolted forwards and only then I saw what she was stalking; a bat-eared fox lying in the sun.

The fox bolted down the hole and the leopard dived in afterwards down the hole. The leopard’s entire body disappeared into the hole with only the tail sticking out. I waited, wondering to myself “did she get it?”. The leopard came out and then dived back again and by now my heart was racing!

Eventually the leopard came out, shook off all the sand, stood at the entrance of the hole for a few seconds in disbelief and then walked off into the dunes…she missed.

See this article on the Africa Geographic blog >

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