Lions and jackal clash over kill

I arrived at a watering hole in the Kgalagadi early one morning to find four lions eating a hartebeest kill that they made the night before. They were surrounded by jackal. I counted 14 at one point.

I was amazed by the bravery of these jackal as they tried to steal meat from the kill while the big male lion was still eating. The way they strategised and changed tactics to get a piece of the kill was amazing.

Then a brave little jackal got in on the action, taking an entire leg and running off with it, however one of the lionesses came over, chased the jackal and took back the leg. By now the jackal was so irritated that he started to fight with some of the other jackals that were standing around. The jackals never gave up, they stayed around and kept on trying to take some of the kill.

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lion-kill1 jackal-kill jackals lion-and-jackal-kill lion-and-jackal jackal jackal-fight jackals-fight

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