Eagle Interactions

It was a very hot day in the Kgalagadi and the waterhole was almost dried up, leaving a small muddy pool of water.

A tawny eagle came to the water to drink and soon after the first one landed, a second one arrived. As the second one landed the first one approached it with some aggressive attitude. He screamed and moved his head towards the other eagle, having a go at him.

The second tawny striked back until they were involved in a kind of dance, pecking at one another, jumping up in the air and kicking one another. This continued for a good 10 minutes or so until the second eagle decided he had enough and flew off to the other side of the water before eventually leaving.

I have never taken the time to really sit and observe interactions between birds but now I will be sure not to overlook them as they also have their own personalities and can make for a great sighting.

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